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Past Work


Custom Battery Rack

Custom Battery rack with adjustable shelves and electrical distribution box. Flat pack option, can be assembled on site. Approximately capacity of each shelf is 250kg.


Electrical Cabinet

Electrical cabinet with 2 colour powder coating finish, Rear mounting panel, Chequer floor panel, Removable side covers, Door with ventilation and door stay.


Decorative Wall Panels

These panels were designed for easy and quick installation onto the existing wall, as well as, functionality so they could be installed in different orientations. These decorative panels were manufactured in aluminium and powder coated various bright colours to obtain the desired affect, as shown in the photos. The decorative panels can be manufactured to suit the client’s specific size and design requirements. They can be hung with either hooks or a track system, as in this instance, which allows the panels to be moved around for refurbishment or a change in appearance. They can be manufactured in a range of metals, e.g. aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel or copper, and finishes, such as left raw (the in vogue Lyten steel provides the popular rust appearance), plated or powder coated in various colours using Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings. Supplementing this product Boval also has a range of standard design fence art panels which fit easily and quickly to existing Colorbond fences without any drilling.


Stainless Steel Cabinets | Neutral Earthing Resistors

Boval Engineering has just completed a project for 15 Stainless Steel Cabinets, formally named Neutral Earthing Resistors. The cabinets, which were manufactured in two different sizes, limit the flow of electrical current in power distribution systems.

The project required Boval Engineering to complete the whole production spectrum from start to finish, including design, drawing, manufacture and delivery. This was completed within a short lead time, which was achieved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The cabinets are designed for 11,000 volts and a current of 200 Amps. The cabinets have been manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel to ensure corrosion resistance and high strength, as they must be able to sustain an outdoor environment.

Stainless Steel Cabinets:

• Neutral Earthing Resistors Cabinets
• High Grade 316 Stainless Steel
• Custom sizes available for project requirements
• Corrosion Resistant


Custom Made Transformer
Protection Panels

Boval Engineering has designed and built a number of specialised cabinets to suit electrical contractors requirements including Transformer Protection Panels. These units house relay protection relays, as well as terminal and electric current transformers.

The Transformer Protection Panels provide transformer protection against internal electrical faults, while also protecting the electrical network infrastructure. This is achieved by the unit taking the force of the problem and shutting down the main system before oils and fuels can ignite. This prevents further damage to the mains relay and other surrounding property. Common causes of unexpected occurrences include lightning strikes, earthquakes, car accidents and fire.

The Transformer Protection Panel Units are typically utilised in underground distribution substations and also some above ground substations.

Some of the main benefits of the Transformer Protection Panels include:

• Solid construction
• Powder coated for durability
• Custom sizes available for project requirements
• Lockable
• Available in a range of colours
• Can be optioned to meet customers’ requirements


Custom sheetmetal-control-centre
Ho Chi Min City Airport Custom Control Tower Consoles

Boval Engineering has completed the successful installation of custom control tower consoles at the Ho Chi Minh City Airport in Vietnam.

In 2003 Boval Engineering were approached to supply and fit a console for the original flight centre. The flight centre was to monitor the planes coming in and out of the airport from an offsite location.

Extremely satisfied with the flight centre consoles which were manufactured and installed in 2003, in 2011 Boval Engineering was contacted again to complete another flight console in a new 70 meter tall air tower. The tower is on site at the airport, to replace the original tower that was set up by the USA during the Vietnam war (the bunkers set up for each fighter plane are still on site).

Boval Engineering set up a warehouse to manufacture and build the flight console. This complete set up arrangement meant that Boval Engineering was able to guarantee that every nut and bolt would fit and that every joint would be faultless when put back together on site in Vietnam.

In December 2011 the unit was disassembled and packed in crates for transport to Ho Chi Minh City Airport. Due to many delays in construction of the tower in which the console was being fitted, the installation of the flight console was deferred until February 2013. At this time a skilled Boval Engineering engineer was sent to erect the custom control tower console. The erection of the console took a total of 2 weeks.

Boval Engineering received high praise from top diplomats about the professionalism and organisation of Boval Engineering staff, as well as commendations about the quality of the custom control tower console manufacture and construction.

Boval’s Third Arm Makes Folding Easy

Boval Engineering’s Third Arm Sheet Folder is proving to be a popular and useful product. The Third Arm Sheet Folder allows you to fold sheets by yourself in a fraction of the time.

The product can be used in any environment where there is a large amount of bed linen to be folded. It is used extensively in laundries, hotels and retirement villages, proving to be indispensible.

Boval Engineering are the manufacturers of the Third Arm and can distribute them to anywhere in Australia. Due to the Third Arms popularity, these items are ex-stock.

Features of the Third Arm Sheet Folder:

  • One person folding

  • Only 2 moving parts

  • Folds up to queen size sheets and linens

  • Mount to the floor or flush to wall

  • Material: Steel construction

  • Colour: Powdercoated white

Boval can meet your custom sheetmetal fabrication needs

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