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Custom Precision Sheetmetal Manufacturers

Specialising in Product Development / Drafting / Manufacture

Boval Engineering have a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers and draftsmen who will provide advice about sheetmetal product development and design of custom made precision sheetmetal products specifically for your business and project needs.

Boval Engineering use 3D CAD Design Software SolidWorks. SolidWorks is a Parasolid-based solid modeler, and utilises a parametric feature-based approach to create models and assemblies. Soliworks allows the draftsmen to test the functioning of the product / part and assess interactions prior to manufacturing.

Boval Engineering’s disciplined approach to the sheetmetal product development of sheetmetal products places you at the centre of the process. They work closely with you to meet product requirements, while leveraging off their extensive experience in sheetmetal fabrication to ensure the final product is functional while adhering to safety standards.

Fabrication Services

Laser Cutting

Boval has the most up-to-date Laser to complete your laser cutting requirements.

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Metal Finishing

Boval's Metal finishing services include powder coating, pickling & passivation and linishing.

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CNC Metal Bending

Boval’s specilised bending process which gives the ability to produce tight radius bends on sheetmetal.

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Turret Punching

Boval offers turret punching as part of the your product production or as an individual process.

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Metal Stamping & Powerpress

Boval's power presses for metal stamping processes range from 12 to 200 tonnes capacity.

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Boval Engineering uses all standard sheetmetal tools.

Read what our clients have to say…

I am writing to thank you for your Companies’ recent supply of Steel frames for our Dex Polybox water containers (NSN - 5430-66-164-5230).

I am thankful for Boval meeting and maintaining both our strict requirements for quality and finish, but equally important, the scheduling which was tight on this last order.

Any small problems that were identified, were quickly dealt with and rectified accordingly.

We have a strict protocol to be observed within our Company for any work carried out by sub-contractors and from that point of view we would not have any hesitation in recommending your Company for steel fabrication work.

David J Stephen - Managing Director
DEX Australia Pty Limited

Thank you so much for all of you doing a great job on this rush of a project. This was not my idea of putting Boval under a lot of strain as you have so much other jobs running at the same time. Fortunately I know what Boval are capable of.

Eric van Niekerk
EAKAE Pty Limited

Boval can meet your custom sheetmetal fabrication needs

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