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Boval Engineering uses the following standard tools. Please contact Boval Engineering staff if you need special tooling size requirements.

List of Round Tools


List of Obround Tools

1.6 x 11.4mm4.0 x 8.0mm5.2 x 25.0mm7.0 x 14.0mm
2.0 x 6.0mm4.0 x 9.1mm5.5 x 8.0mm7.2 x 18.0mm
2.0 x 10mm4.0 x 11.6mm5.5 x 9.5mm7.5 x 30.0mm
2.0 x 30.0mm4.0 x 15.0mm5.5 x 11.0mm7.94 x 19.05mm
2.8 x 4.2mm4.0 x 25.0mm5.5 x 25.0mm8.0 x 12.0mm
3.0 x 5.50mm4.0 x 29.4mm5.6 x 9.4mm8.0 x 15.0mm
3.0 x 24.0mm4.3 x 6.0mm6.0 x 8.0mm8.0 x 22.0mm
3.0 x 25.0mm4.3 x 9.0mm6.0 x 8.0mm8.5 x 24.5mm
3.0 x 26.0mm4.50 x 5.80mm6.0 x 15.0mm8.7 x 11.1mm
3.0 x 30.0mm4.5 x 8.5mm6.0 x 20.0mm9.0 x 11.0mm
3.1 x 4.0mm4.5 x 10.0mm6.00 x 30.00mm9.0 x 13.0mm
3.1 x 10.0mm4.5 x 20.5mm6.0 x 50.0mm9.0 x 16.0mm
3.175 x 25.4mm4.5 x 30.0mm6.2 x 12.0mm9.5 x 20.0mm
3.2 x 8.0mm4.6 x 15.0mm6.2 x 16.0mm10.0 x 30.0mm
3.3 x 5.9mm4.7 x 10.0mm6.3 x 10.0mm11.0 x 29.0mm
3.5 x 6.5mm4.76 x 25.4mm6.35 x 12.7mm11.2 x 25.4mm
3.5 x 12.0mm5.0 x 10.0mm6.35 x 15.24mm12.0 x 14.5mm
3.50 x 16.0mm5.0 x 15.0mm6.35 x 19.05mm12.7 x 30.0mm
3.5 x 19.0mm5.0 x 30.0mm6.5 x 8.0mm16.0 x 20.0mm
3.6 x 6.0mm5.0 x 31.75mm6.5 x 10.0mm16.0 x 26.0mm
3.7 x 8.2mm5.0 x 34.0mm6.5 x 12.7mm17.5 x 72.0mm
3.8 x 7.6mm5.0 x 40.0mm7.0 x 10.5mm
3.8 x 10.0mm5.00 x 6.50mm7.0 x 11.0mm
3.8 x 15.0mm5.2 x 8.0mm7.0 x 13.0mm

List of Square Tools

5.1mm10.0mm with 2 x 1mm rad.22.0mm
6.5mm12.7mm25.0mm with 4 x 6mm rad.
7.5mm14.0mm38.0mm with 4 x 4.5mm rad.

List of Rectangle Tools

1 x 3.5mm3.9 x 14.6mm8 x 16mm
1.2 x 14mm4 x 6.6mm8 x 24.2mm
1.3 x 5.5mm4 x 8mm8.7 x 29.1mm with 4 x 0.8mm rad.
1.4 x 8.6mm4 x 13.5mm9.5 x 20mm
1.5 x 10mm4 x 20mm9.5 x 22.2mm
1.6 x 10mm4 x 30mm9.6 x 20mm
2.05 x 4.7mm4.3 x 9.45mm10 x 20mm
2 x 5mm4.4 x 14mm10 x 26mm
2 x 6mm4.4 x 14mm10.5 x 25.5 mm
2 x 8mm4.5 x 30mm10.7 x 20mm
2 x 10mm5 x 6.5mm11 x 19mm with 4 x 1.5mm rad.
2 x 12mm5 x 10mm11 x 26mm with 4 x 4mm rad.
2 x 14mm5 x 12mm11.5 x 25mm
2.15 x 12.7mm5 x 18mm12.2 x 20mm
2 x 27.7mm5 x 20mm12 x 29mm
2 x 31mm5 x 30mm12.7 x 19.05mm
2 x 31.01mm5 x 50 mm12.7 x 19.5mm
2.3 x 20mm5 x 75mm12.75 x 25.4mm
2.3 x 30mm5.50 x 7.00mm12.8 x 24mm
2.5 x 4mm5.6 x 17.1mm12.8 x 25mm
2.5 x 5mm6 x 7mm14 x 22.4mm
2.5 x 19mm6 x 8mm14.7 x 20.2mm
2.7 x 15mm6 x 10mm15.24 x 24mm
2.8 x 5.5mm6 x 82mm15.2 x 85.0mm
3 x 7mm6.1 x 10mm15.3 x 17.4mm
3 x 10 mm6 x 30mm15.4 x 25mmwith 4 x 3mm rad
3 x 11mm6.35 x 12.7mm17 x 21mm
3 x 13mm6.35 x 22.22mm17.1 x 24mm
3 x 13.5mm6.35 x 15.875mm19 x 70mm
3 x 14mm6.35 x 25.4mm19.8 x 5mm
3 x 15mm6.5 x 9.5mm20 x 75mm
3.175 x 12.7mm6.8 x 21mm20.5 x 55mm
3.175 x 19.05mm7 x 15mm21.0 x 49.0mm
3 x 25mm7 x 9mm25 x 40mm
3 x 30mm7 x 11mm27.3 x 39.8mm
3.5 x 5mm7 x 12mm41.275 x 22.225mm
3.5 x 6mm7.4 x 44mm42 x 45mm
3.5 x 14mm7.8 x 29mm

List of Special Tools

4.6 x 5.0mm single d12.0 x 12.7mm double dmulti rad. 100, 58, 75, 65
6.0 x 6.5mm single d12.0 x 13.0mm double dmulti rad. 147.5, 55, 122.5, 69.5
6.5 x 8.0mm single d12.5 x 25.0mm double dmulti rad. 427.5, 76.75, 300, 93.5
8.5 x 9.5mm single d13.0 x 15.0mm double dmulti rad. 180, 77, 199, 100
8.9 x 9.7mm single d13.5 x 15.2mm double d5.0mm number
9.0 x 9.7mm single d13.7 x 18.5mm double d8.0mm number
9.6 x 12.0mm single d13.9 x 16.1mm double d9.00mm flattening tool
11.5 x 12.7mm single d14.0 x 17.6mm double d2 x 10mm ‘c’ shaped punch
12.0 x 12.5mm single d14.3 x 15.2mm double d5 x 30mm bow tie
12.0 x 12.8mm single d14.5 x 15.8mm double d6.5mm 7 hole cluster
12.5 x 13.0mm single d14.8 x 15.8mm double dcentre punch
13.3 x 14.1mm single d15.0 x 16.0mm double dletter ‘e’
13.8 x 15.1mm single d16.0 x 19.5mm double d11.5 x 32mm triangle tool
14.2 x 15.1mm single d16.1 x 19.1mm double d15mm dia circle punch
14.7 x 16.3mm single d16.5 x 19.0mm double d15.5mm round nibble
15.0 x 16.0mm single d17.0 x 19.0mm double d20.0mm sqr with 22.5mm rad
16.2 x 17.6mm single d17.0 x 20.0mm double d20mm knockout 2 tabs .6 – 1mm form up
16.9 x 17.9mm single d17.3 x 19.0mm double d21mm welsh plug
18.0 x 19.2mm single d19.6 x 22.0mm double d23.0mm sqr with 10.0mm rad
19.5 x 21.0mm single d20.5 x 22.0mm double d25.4mm round nibble
20.93 x 22.73mm single d22.5 x 28.0mm double d26mm knockout 2 tabs 6 – 1mm form up
24.08 x 25.65mm single d23.0 x 26.0mm double d2ru rack pattern cluster
24.18 x 25.65mm single d24.0 x 32.0mm double d31.7 x 9.4mm diamond
27.0 x 29.0mm single d1.0mm 4 way rad.50mm knockout form down
27.1 x 32.3mm single d2.0mm 4 way bone 225mm rad. & 300mm rad.
27.2 x 28.9mm single d2.7mm 4 way bone 29.7mm rad.
27.5 x 29.0mm single d3.0mm 4 way rad. + 2mm straight6.5 x 8.0mm single d
30.4 x 32.0mm single d4.0mm 4 way rad.11.3 x 19.8mm d connector no 2.
3.3 x 5.9mm double d5.0mm 4 way rad.11.3 x 21.3 d connector
3.6 x 6.0mm double d6.0mm 4 way rad.13 x 30.5 d connector centre +1mm x no 1
4.7 x 5.7mm double d7.0mm 4 way rad. + 1.5mm straight20.5 x 11.5 d connector
5.1 x 6.1mm double d12.5mm 4 way rad.5 x much rad. 138.814 98.689
5.6 x 7.3mm double d9.0 x 5.0mm key holeh cut out 27.0x 16.0mm
8.1 x 9.1mm double d10.0 x 21.0mm key hole14 x 17mm c shape
8.3 x 11.0mm double d11mm dia keyhole8.5mm hexagon
8.5 x 10.0mm double d18.0 x 10.0mm key hole2.00mmrnd 12 x cluster
11.0 x 12.5mm double d24.0 x 5.0mm key hole

List of Form Tools

projection punch for 1.0mm using 4.8 die5 x 24 x 7.5 lance in 2.5 al
2.8mm extrude up tool 0.7 material6.35mm form up tool
6 x 12mm c/sink form down6.35mm roof top form up tool
10.5mm dimple tool6mm c/sink form up tool
10mm dimple tool6mm form up tool
12.0mm dimple tool7 x 22mm cable tie form up
22mm jog square tool8 x 20mm swage tool
17mm dia emboss up tool 0.7 material9 x 20mm rect. form up
25mm dia emboss up tool 0.7 material9.0mm c/sink 4.5mm dia form up 0.6 mat’l
2.5mm form up tool9.5 x 83 deg. x 5.5 c/sink 2.5mm s/steel
5mm c/sink 3.4 dia in 2.5mm9.5mm c/sink punch
lance form up 3 high 9 x 2mm wide 1mm materialm10 x 3mm form up 1.9mm mat
3 x 10mm emboss 1.5 mat11.0mm c/sink form up (5.8mm hole)
3 x 25mm part shear in 2.5 al. 03844615mm circle punch
3.3mm dimple tooldia 15mm form up tool
6.4mm c/sink 3.4mm dia in 1.5mm20.0mm form up tool
3.45 x 0.99mm pwt for 1.0 to 1.2mm.(3/16″) x 120 degr.5 2mmal.6 pp c/sink
5mm c/sink tool for 3.5 dia in 2mm40 x 1.5mm deep using 55mm die
3mm form up tool up to 1.6 m/s12mm dimple
4.05 x 1.07mm pwt for 1.6mmdd 17 x 19mm form up
4 x 8mm bridge toollouver (1/2″) x 3.0mm form up
4 x 12.5 form up bridge toollouver 50.0 x 5.0mm form up
4.70 x 1.20mm pwt for 2.0 to 2.5mmlouver 57.0 x 12.5mm form up
dia. 4.0mm x 80 deg. /0.6/3.0mm alumlouver (3.5″) long (1/4″) opening in 2mm
7 x 15mm lance form uplance form up 2mm high 15.5mm wide
dia.4.0mm x 90 deg./0.5/3.omm alum.3 x 16mm x 4 lance form up to 1.0mm
5 x 13.6mm x 7.5a lance in 2.5lance form up 3.50mm

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