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Turret Punching

Boval Engineering offers sheetmetal CNC turret punching as part of the your whole product production or as an individual process.

CNC Turret punching produces shapes by removing selected areas of materials from the sheetmetal. Boval Engineering use highly accurate programmable machines to achieve finished sheetmetal products with repeatability + or – 0.05mm. The punching machines used at Boval Engineering are highly advanced and offer auto load / unload functions, ability to work with lights out and a large variety of tool sizes. To view the range of tools Boval use please visit the Tools page.

After completion of turret punching process Boval Engineering can also send the projects for finishing processes within their factory including bending, powder coating, or linishing.

Features of CNC Turret Punching: All metal types / Wide options of punches / tools / CAD/CAM Software

Samples of our work

turret punching-07
turret punching-06
turret punching-05
turret punching-04
turret punching-03
laser cutting-01
laser cutting-02

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